Tarasul Telecom Core Business

Telecommunications & Satellite connections

Tarasul telecom satellite communications services is the largest Middle east satellite communications services provider. Tarasul Telecom occupies a unique position in the communications market. Judiciously, we command the leadership position as a satellite services Providers.

You can rely on Tarasul Telecom for: Cost-effective worldwide digital satellite coverage, Digital contribution network, Bandwidth to control and monitor facilities, Infrastructure interconnectivity and bandwidth sharing, Back-up of terrestrial networks AND ISP access.

DVB-S & DVB-S2 Services

We provide satellite internet access and telecommunications services with guaranteed bandwidth channels through our high-powered Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) service.

SCPC Services

Single Channel per Carrier (SCPC) service can help you connect remote sites with reliable, cost-effective voice-over-IP (VoIP), telemetry data or broadband internet access through our global network of satellites and our dedicated customer support center by point-to-point or point-to-multipoint

I Direct Services

We provide I Direct services (infinity & Evolution) also we host iDirect hubs so that you can be a global Virtual Network Operator (VNO) without incurring large startup costs. The offering combines our global teleport infrastructure with proven iDirect technology to ensure high service reliability and outstanding quality of service. The VNO service provides dedicated space, iDirect Network Management Systems, protocol processors and line cards, enabling you to manage your networks according to your specific needs.

  • Teleport hosting services in Washington, Honk Kong, Norway, Cyprus and German depends on the satellite you are working on.

  • VSAT Maritime

    Our VSAT Maritime Internet Service provides a robust Ku, C &Ka bands coverage of the Middle East, The Gulf, Europe and North Africa. It offers high speed internet (ship to shore) over the entire coverage area. The service is “always on” with unlimited usage at high speeds for a fixed Monthly price.

 Wireless Broadband solutions

  • Leading global vendor of Last Mile connectivity solutions for FBWA* and technologies

  • Deliver industry-leading backhaul systems for Cellular, 3G/4G, WiMAX and FBWA* transport

  • Pioneer of Video Surveillance over Wireless networks and WiMAX technologies

  • Deliver cost-effective, premium products to some of the leading carriers, public and private sector names in the industry

  • Deploy solutions of unparalleled reliability into some of the harshest environments in the world

  • Combine innovation with years of practical deployment experience to bring the industry’s most flexible solution to customers worldwide

Point to Point

  • Leading global vendor of Last Mile connectivity solutions for FBWA* and technologies

  • Gas, Oil & Industrial Verticals Connectivity

  • Cost-effective short and medium-range backhauls

  • Cellular & high-capacity aggregated backhauling

  • NLOS backhauls using lower frequency bands

Point to MultipointPoint to Multipoint

  • High-speed, City-Wide Corporate Networks

  • Video and CCTV Surveillance

  • Multipoint W-ISP/Operator Networks

  • Secure services for Govt and Corporate customers

  • Long-range Rural Connectivity

  • NLOS Point-to-Multipoint

  • Wireless Backhaul Systems

  • Wireless Capacity & Technology Expansion

  • Safety & Surveillance Systems

Microwave connectivity & Solutions

Tarasul Telecom is an authorized reseller in Kuwait for Wireless. Tarasul Telecom is helping the business to cost-effectively deliver a variety of new mission-critical business services across dispersed organizations. Now more than ever, your business requires highly reliable, scalable and applications-transparent connectivity in order to achieve business objectives.

Tarasul Telecom access and backhaul solutions give enterprises the ability to communicate and share resources – seamlessly connecting people across multiple locations while keeping capital expenditures and recurring telecommunications service costs to a minimum. Tarasul Telecom solutions and products can benefit the following businesses:

  • Carriers

  • Service providers

  • Governmental Entities.

  • Enterprise

  • Cellular & Mobile

Wireless Applications

  • High-capacity Point-to-Point backhauls for 3G/LTE/WiMAX.

  • BWA for Wireless ISPs & Service Providers.

  • Secure WANs for Health & Public Sector Authorities.

  • Wireless Surveillance for Municipal Authorities.

  • High Capacity Data/Video Links for Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

  • Secure Data & Voice Connectivity for Oil, Gas & Energy Industry.

  • High bandwidth, flexible networking & VPNs for Banks & Corporates.

Wireless Network