Tarasul BriefTarasul Telecom in Brief

Tarasul Telecom is a Kuwait established company with a capital of USD 8 million. Its core business is centered on Information Technology and it’s applications in Telecommunications, Physical Security and IT Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications. It is headed by a well-known figures in the IT Industry both in Kuwait and the region (i.e. Mr. Sulaiman Al Musallam –Chairman) (Mr. Borhan Naamani-Managing Director).  The shareholders are very selective and represent a combination of high net worth individuals as well as corporate investors who add value to the business. The Board consists of Al Kharafi, Al Mutawaa & Al Musallam Family members.

Tarasul Telecom Mission Statement

Our mission is to be recognized as the Market Leader in the region and internationally in the Information Technology Business and Electronic Channels, through our dedicated commitment to offer Governmental entities and private sector with a wide range of innovative services and a state of the art technologies in telecommunications, Networking, Physical Security, Infrastructure and Enterprise Applications. To achieve this mission, we recruit, develop, and maintain a highly experienced team of professionals and we strive to remain competitive for the future through continuous improvement, and by following international business standards in order to serve our customers and community. 

Our philosophy is to build strong alliances with world-wide organizations as well as our business partners and shareholders, based on high ethical values, in order to be able to meet the current and future challenges of a highly dynamic business environment.

Tarasul Telecom Values

Leadership: We are committed to be the leaders in providing creative business products and state of the art business solutions.

Excellence: We invest in all our resources to ensure excellence in everything we do through our commitment to a culture of innovation.

Achievement: Our high sense of achievement is our driving force for providing better services to our clients.

Dynamic: We are very dynamic in coping with changes in our industry in order to be ahead of others. Ethical Values: Our business practices are based on high ethical values and principles.

Responsiveness: We are responsive to the unique needs of our clients in a timely manner.

Service Quality: Customer Service is our focal point in business. Quality is what we guarantee when we serve our clients at all times.