Data center Services

Enterprises are witnessing exponential growths, with innovation in supply chain, multiple delivery channels for customers and their relationships with global spread. Businesses need to act fast to meet the dynamic and changing landscape for customer and supply chain profiles with newer applications and connections. Today, the enterprise data centers continue to be the main service hub to drive innovation with a new paradigm for business agility and response. To meet the business need, Data Centre transformation and managed services continue to be core and key strategies for IT.

However, in reality, there are major challenges associated with data centers currently:

·         Single Window of truth with automated management framework

·         Silos of applications and need driven IT infrastructure.

·         ‘Locked-in’ OEM vendor driven designs and issues with agility and scalability

How Tarasul Telecom Helps

To address these challenges and enable business transformation, Tarasul Telecom has end-to-end services portfolio across Consulting, Transformation, Managed services and IaaS in Data Center practice backed up by a proven transition framework which enable seamless transition from incumbent vendors or Enterprise IT to bring you:

·         Transformational programs to achieve business value with TCO reduction - up to 30% cost savings on base case

·         Proven Method and Certified Tools for Data Centre Study and dependency analysis

·         Industry-based reference architectures meeting the need for compliance and security

·         Transformation in a Greenfield or a brownfield environment to maximize existing technology investments

·         Multi-tenant and single tenant Cloud services by leveraging our own data centers globally

·         Strategic alliance with leading global partners like Cisco, EMC, VCE, HP, VMWare, IBM & Microsoft

Network Services

Change is the Key Driver for new technology acquisition & adoption in organizations. Today, Network & Communication Infrastructure is the foundation platform for IT & business success – the ability to connect Applications with Employees, Customers & Partners quickly & efficiently is the need of the hour.

Tarasul Telecom Network Services is a trusted partner at the forefront of Network Transformation as well as Network Management leveraging new technologies and delivering them efficiently.

DC Network Services

Unified Communication & Collaboration

Data Network

·         DC network Fabric

·         IP Telephony

·         Data Center Network

·         Software Defined Network

·         Unfiled Communication

·         WAN Management

·         Virtualization

·         Legacy Voice

·         Campus Network

Unified Access Network

·         Cloud based UCAAS

·         Voice & Video Networks

·         Routing & Switching

Contact Center

Unified Communication

·         Wireless LAN

·         Voice & Self-Service Portals

·         Traditional Telephony

·         IP address management

·         Loggers & Dialers

·         Video Conferencing

System Integration Services

The main challenges facing organizations today on their path to growth are complex technologies and a rapidly evolving business environment. Consequently, there is a pronounced need to understand the complexities of the IT environment and ensure that the technology is in line with your business objectives. The need to achieve operational excellence irrespective of the organization sizes while maximizing efficiency to enable technology enabled business transformation is paramount.

Tarasul Telecom extends our expertise in system integration to ensure that the technology is aligned with your business objectives no matter the size and nature of your organization.

Our integration services include consultancy, system integration and project management of IT services that provide:

Our certified processes and over 15 years of service experience are reflected in the success we have achieved in executing projects. Strategic alliances with leading technology players further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are not only steady, scalable, smart, and innovative but also result oriented. Being a pure-play system Integrator, we deliver the best of breed solutions to customers with our vendor agnostic approach.


As organizations are evolving into Digital Businesses, their application estate is set to take a giant leap. The 20th century was about building robust capabilities that allowed us to capture information from every commercial process like financial transactions, order processing, supply chain, human resources or anything that can help management with tangible insights. These were popularly termed as “systems of records.”

In the 21st century, we started increasingly looking for information that resided outside the perimeter of our organization with our partners, customers, resellers and subsidiaries in other countries. Our systems became more interactive, collaborative and easy to use and delivered personalized content.

 In a nutshell “Systems of Records” opened the doors for “Systems of Engagement” – giving users integrated, contextual, multi-channel access to transactions, content, collaboration, communications and driving actionable insights to deliver higher business performance.